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Now, this is a very bold move. Situations involving backhanded compliments are tricky because if you escalate things, the other party can play the victim quite easily. When contacted by the Sunday Express the website moderators refused to comment. I would try to take him more earnestly. But lying of any sort is not accepted as an interpersonal solution here or officially approved of by the church last time I checked, but trying not to bring the religious backdrop into the answer! And simply go to talk to someone else, leaving this person without the option to reply to you. The question asked how to deal with the specific person, not the church.

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Of course, I'm assuming that the music program could actually benefit from extra money, but given the nature of music programs and the current attitudes toward them, I'm thinking it's a safe bet.

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But most importantly, you need to do it politely. This doesn't have to be concert level music, just whatever you can manage while still sounding really good. Even if their behaviour did not change, simply understanding why they do it makes it easier to tolerate obnoxious behaviour. Often, people just go through the motions with pleasantries without considering the content. Also, be sure to be very grateful for genuine compliments and discussion.

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