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Truth is that the Spider is more then likely much, much more afraid of her then she is of it. But you know what, this spider story is pretty interesting. What a good idea! My wife has slept nude for so long I can't remember when she didn't and the only thing that got in her vagina was my penis or a finger or 2. My fiance has this extreme fear that while sleeping nude a spider or some other type of bug is going to crawl inside of her vagina.

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Would it be considered stupid to want to commit suicide because I cannot tolerate my menstrual cramps anymore:

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TrollXChromosomes subscribe unsubscribereaders 1, users here now Come for the period comics. But with a hazmat suit There's a closet I never open and it's full of useful things but, you know No spiders don't go in warm moist places it will probably feel like a mouth and contrary to popular belief, spiders don't crawl in people's mouths when u sleep. As a nurse, I've seen so many people say "I got a spider bite" but when we swab the wound because people are lazy and neglectful and don't come to see us for two-three days it's colonized with MRSA or Staph.

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  • Otis 21 days ago

    She is so passionate. Who is she?

  • Benjamin 23 days ago

    I think all that’s been said is “her mom found her dead”. maybe something wrong with her heart due to all the plastic surgery, idk. but it was fr shocking when I heard about it, I think any dude in their mid-20’s remembers her fondly from their teenage years lol

  • Pedro 26 days ago

    When does she say it?