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Guinea pig sexing topics are covered in the following order: It does help to have someone hold the rabbit for you while you examine its genitals. Males will have flatter, wider, straighter bills, and females will have pointier, more narrow, curvier bills. To go from this sexing rabbits page to our great homepage, click here. The vulva of the female rabbit is also visible in these images. Where possible, wait until baby guinea pigs are weaned over 3 weeks of age before trying to determine their gender. Sign in to our Contributor site.

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The first guinea pig is a young male and the cavy beside it is a young female.

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10 Effective Ways To Sex Your Muscovy Duck (With Pictures)

Passionate couple enjoying sensual foreplay before having sex or making love, aroused lover holding hand on butt of sexy hot beautiful lady on top wearing black lingerie teasing young man on bed. This is a close-up image of the above-picturedfemale rabbit rabbit in pictures 13 and 14focusing on the rabbit's groin region. However, you can NOT sex Muscovies by their color or bill color. The inability to palpate a testicle in a suspect-male guinea pig'sscrotal region does not rule out that guinea pig as being a male. The prepuce penis-sheath of the male rabbit is also visible in these images.

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